Brazilian Birthday

“Parabéns para você”, “Parabéns para você” ..

As you can understand, Brazil is in the spotlight. And I was not chosen at random for this birthday ..

Brazil is my adopted country. It’s part of my story ..

These sublime beaches bathed by azure waters, breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable encounters. This is undoubtedly the country where I realized some of my most beautiful shots; The joy of living, the art of partying, sharing, respect is in a way the Brazilian side that inhabits me.

Who will not dream of celebrating his birthday more than 9000 km from home?

Adriane, a native of Sao Paulo, is an eternal lover of the French Riviera. She wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday under the « Azuréen » sun and more precisely at the Hotel “Belles Rives”. It is on the legendary way of Cap d’Antibes that the Belles Rives stands, at the water’s edge, with the Lérins Islands and the Estérel in the background.

The theme ? “Moulin Rouge” inspiration!

And what better than the floral creations of Roni Fleur, with its fresh seasonal flowers, with vibrant colors to accompany this scenography. A purple carpet, crystal-candlestick, golden dishes, all the details matter.

To this end, a sophisticated cocktail is set up, at the water’s edge, for the first comers. I propose to the guests to take a picture in front of the Photo Call inspired « Moulin Rouge » .

Everything was thought!

The evening was animated by a group of strolling musicians, the famous Troubadours. Passing from table to table, the singers and the guests united their songs in a sweet summer’s night.

After a candlelit dinner, the traditional cake, the work of Steve Moracchini, a talented pastry chef at Belles Rives, is the time to celebrate this anniversary by dancing on the dance floor.

Especially for the occasion, the Djette Marina Diniz, very popular in Brazil, made the trip. Title after title, the evening is in full swing. I slipped on the dance floor to capture these moments of laughter and joy.

I let you discover this exclusive evening in image



studio Loic bisoli, antibes






























Event planner: Generefluidoevents

Location: Restaurant Belles Rives

Animation: Troubadoursriviera

DJ: Marina Diniz

Floral art: Roni Floral Design

Confectioner: Steve Moracchini

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