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I am Swedish, revolutionary and now mythical. Who I am ?

Nowadays, new technologies continue to integrate more and more our life while old objects become vintage and trendy. They plunge us into our past and allow us tohave a break, to become aware of this time that passes.

The hasselblad is the proof ! What is appreciated is his quality and his singular shots. An emotional bond is created with the physical photo that will go through the ages. This device, with chic looks, is easy to handle but requires technique in terms of shooting.

Indeed, we do not see studio / mode photographers with a mediocre electronic viewfinder when they worked all their life with the best optical viewers on the market!

The most common cases are those of the 500 series, reflex with chest viewfinder. Their particularity is to have a central shutter (each lens has its own shutter).

It was the wish of Amy and Tim, from New York, “to realize their engagment » on the French Riviera. The engagment is literally a running away from home, away from family and friends. Both, used to stay on this little piece of paradise, have try the experience of filming.
In this idyllic setting, this couple wanted to freeze the moment. A knowing glance, affectionate gestures; the passion being felt.

The results of their experiments? A meeting, a light, a scene of life. The photo comes out, the moment is there, in their hands, immortalized.

Back in the United States, lovers have discovered with great emotion their shots of another time.

This magic is thanks to the Hasselblad …

The Hasselblad has captured historical moments. Why not yours?

Our photo studio offers this unique experience!

Discover the simple pleasure of being photographed using silver, his legendary sound and optical quality, and finally take the time …

We are far from the photos taken in burst, without applying too much, to watch them on small screen and to put the worst pictures in the trash …

Keep in mind that we do not take a picture but immortalize a moment.






















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