Home Sweet Home

This Friday, Provence is calling ..

It is not far from Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the city that has avoided the favorites of many artists, poets and other famous painters, that Thaïs and his family give me a date.

High place of tourism, Saint-Paul-de-Vence owes its reputation to the presence of many art galleries that attract fans of beautiful works from around the world.

At the foot of the address given, an incredible view of the surrounding hills, as well as the Mediterranean Sea located nearby.

This building, residence for the family, is filled with authentic charm. Sweetness of life, beautiful architecture, flowery garden …. a haven of peace.

Taïs introduces me his family, consists of his two children: Bianca and Fabien, two babies twins aged 7 months. To accompany me, his mother and sister and his children, both older.

This flowered Mas has the advantage of offering several shooting spots, which allows me to vary the pleasures. Dressed in with a casual outfit, I capture some moments of life of the twins at the foot of the entrance nicely presented. I dreaded shooting with babies because their concentrations, attentions is difficult to capture. Nevertheless, Bianca and Fabien lend themselves to the game …

It was at the foot of the house that I continued shooting, this time, with an accessory that is dear to the family: a hammered copper bidet. I invite Taïs and her children around this sentimental element. The twins have fun with the water under the eyes of their grandmother. There follows a series of family photos in the heart of the garden dominated by large threes. Benevolent gesture, look filled with love … the atmosphere is peaceful. 

The midday strike rings, the sun is at the zenith, direction inside

Built on the heights of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, this property consists of several bright rooms with clear and sober tones. I take this opportunity to complete this shoot inside this house. In the living room, a table, chairs and some fruits … Bianca loves fruit … I decided to take it from this angle “greedy”. Add his brother, his mother and the whole family for his lifestyle photos.

Taïs also wanted portraits with elegant and warm tendencies. It is in the intimacy that I capture natural and feminine pictures. For this series, black and white is in the spotlight. Clicks by clicks, Tais feels confident. I capture his reflection through the mirror.

Lifestyle photography is a branch that I appreciate most .. This consists of taking portraits of people (or animals) in moments of everyday life, events or important moments of life, in an artistic way . The goal is to tell a story and inspire.

Like Taïs and her family, being photographed at home, inside and out, remains pleasant. It’s a moment together, memories full of the head transcribed in paper photo. Keeping the comfort of being at home remains an undeniable advantage .. in this case, babies are more comfortable, in a better condition.

The rest is in image that it is discovered.. 




























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