The Bar Mitzvah

The Bat and Bar Mitzvah is the Jewish ceremony that celebrates the transition from childhood to adulthood, at age thirteen for boys and twelve for girls. This passage   very important is unique, that’s why we immortalize it in image!

This is the big day for Julien and I must say that I was so excited like him to live this ceremony. Moment of sharing, big smile, the whole family came from the four corners of France to honor this appointment.

The religious part was held at the Synagogue of Nice Jewish Movement Massorti Association, in the presence of these friends from the Talmud courts.

The Bar Mitzvah must perform rituals according to tradition. For this moment of communion, I was discreet, capturing spontaneous images and full of expressions. The mother, as you can imagine, proud of her son was often close to tears ..

Come round the songs, the sacred speeches, the reading of the Torah (literally the Hebrew Bible); the emotion is here…

The second part of the event, more festive this time, takes place in a Riviera setting: the Ambassadeurs beach in Juan-les-Pins. Located on the Riviera, this place has a small pier and a beautiful fine sand accompanied by breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and the Lerins Islands.

The party can begin!

On the background of Hebrew music, Julien and his family are carried on the chairs, as tradition dictates. Celebrating dances at the Bar Mitzvah put Julien in the spotlight.

A meal by the sea, a caring family, Julien lives a dream .. 

Throughout the evening, it was the group G-star who officiated to energize and electrify the crowd of guests. To close this dinner, a huge cake makes its appearance. The festivities continue with the fiery singer Dalé. The guests dance and have fun on the dance floor. I had this chance to live these memorable moments of life.

I think Julien will remember all his life that made him this passage from childhood to adulthood.

This return to image allows you to imagine all the energy and atmosphere of this party.




































La Bat Mitzvah


Ceremony: Synagogue de Nice

Location: La plage des Ambassadeurs à Juan-les-pins

Animation: G-star Event

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