“The Travel Trilogy, meeting and sharing have always rhythmed my choices of Lives.
So, it is the most naturally of the world, that, after studying in secondary schools, let us
admit the slightest; I entered in photography as we go into the orders, the camera over the
shoulder as a leitmotiv of the triptych Trip, Meeting and Sharing …
Between learning, exchanges and improvement in the different “jobs” of photographs, I settled on
Antibes pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, emblematic place with timeless charms with always the
same song, I let you guess.
With a marked preference for black and white photography, that of my masters and mentors, I am
happy every day to tell the story of your family, that blessed day of your marriage either then
all the simple pleasures of our lives, In the manner of a narrator of the image.
So, especially if one day you pass by the Remparts side of Antibes, do not hesitate to penetrate
into my Studio Gallery, and so continue the story
Meeting, Sharing and Travel … ”