Rock Engagement

They knew each other a long time ago. Joy & Mathias, a love story that is dazzling and unexpected.

Met for the first time at a party not far from Boston (USA) during their university studies, Joy was not receptive to the looks that discreetly give Mathias. Narrated through the prism of Mathias, the young man explains that he never lost hope and went directly to the home of Joy. Using a stratagem, Mathias gets to the goal, following a romance that is now more than three years old.

To formalize their union, Mathias organized his engagement on the French Riviera and precisely in a chic hotel of the region, in an idyllic setting for this privileged moment. Between green gardens, pine forests and infinitely azure seaside, the lovebirds are in love at such a postcard landscape.

Settled in their resort, away from their families, these two dine at the seaside. Not far, a pool of salt water overflowing, located into the rock, flows into the sea of ​​bright blue. They decide to end the night at the “cabane”, a mythical place full of charm. The world belongs to them.

A surprise never come alone …

This summer evening, Mathias booked a trip at sea aboard on a new Riva. Its elegant lines continue the game of seduction, details give a level of comfort unmatched. From then on, I seized the first moments at the dock … Joy, dressed in red, is in love. Around a glass of champagne, they enjoy the Mediterranean climate. The sky is blue, the weather is good, they lie at the back of this sublime yacht, rocked by the waves ..

Mathias wanted for her futur wife some Lifestyle images. It’s at sea that I photograph Joy, despite the waves. The French Riviera nicknamed the Little Eden is the ideal region for photos with chic and natural looks. The soft light “arises” on Joy’s face and draws her figure. Under my camera, the couple lends themselves to the game, taking different attitudes.

The dinner is held on the island of Saint Marguerite and more specifically at the restaurant “La guérite”. Nestled on the rocky cove near Cannes, La Guérite offers Mediterranean and authentic cuisine, created by one of the wonders of Greek gastronomy: Yiannis Kioroglou. I decide to leave the lovers in intimacy.

This idyll continues with a crossing to the Hotel. To sail in peace, in all intimacy is what Mathias aspired to. Add to that a softer sunset. I capture the moment, which for me seems out of time. A kiss on the forehead, a protective hand, a tender look, it’s a magical moment..

For their engagement, the lovers had a cruising experience of sublime originality. It’s probably one of the most beautiful romances I’ve ever known.

These two Americans must come home, they will tell to their friends, their family the love story and it’s just like you, that their loved ones will discover their stories in pictures.




Rock Engagment




















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