Tropézienne Proposal

The Saint Tropez Proposal. One of a kind.

Ziad wasn’t scared, and knew how to manage from Liban – The day of a Man in Love ready to concretize an union. Actually, ready for so much more !
Nothing can stop him when it’s about Tania. He knows it.

«  And God….create the French Riviera » Sure, from the little fisher town to the worldwide summer spot, the French Riviera has the perfect frame to fit a lot of great stories – with family, friends, or even by yourself – The environment of our South is unvaluable.

By the way, it is stated that at the end of the XIXth Century the first artist, writers, actors coming on the peninsula of Saint Tropez, the Sénéquier family was already inviting people to share traditional recipes : White nougat, St Tropez Pie, candied fruits…

On Wednesday the 14th of August, the red terrassa with the best view of the harbor didn’t changed. Loyal to service since 1930, is today a place of VIP routine and the eternal stage of French Riviera. The perfect place for Ziad’s proposal after that much time with Lia. Surprise’s crumbly, ready for anything to get Tania satisfied. Ziad did’t propose like usual.

Ziad, Tania and their friends took place on the Sénéquier’s front rank – After their first day in Saint Tropez, an afternoon on the Ramatuelle’s beach, a nice drink at Sénéquier for the sunset, and a great dinner is waiting at Goia. Perfect plan, perfect holidays, what else ?

– My apologies Miss, I’m so sorry….
– Are you really??? Don’t you know how to hold a tray ?

Show begins…The entire terrassa stares at them, confused by this accident a bit over played (?)

Sound goes up, « Marry Me » by Brunos Mars begins to play, everybody shut down. The waiter takes the hand of the angry girl, makes her turn, fly, and starts a dance.

On the road everybody stops, and stares at the dancers. Then 10, 20, 30 active bodies create a powerful energy. Kind of surprising. Time stops, one dance needed to make a pause in Saint Tropez. I get in to the dance troupe, I have one music to take my best shots of this moment. 3 minutes 50 seconds, and all of this staging, production, few months organisation ends.
Ziad gets up in front of Tania completely amazed, slip into the troupe as well, and all of the dancers let Ziad at the center.
He comes forward, kneels down, looks up at the one he loves so much, proposes her, and the whole crowd bursts.

She said yes. Tania full of tears between, surprise, joy, and fear. A non-sense emotional blow up in her head.
It’s the beginning of an union, a life living by two, a life that she wants.

Having the chance to capture moments like that, is a singular responsibility – but the challenge is a whim…
Challenge met ? You tell me…

Organisator: FIFT15N

Location: Sénéquier

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